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Particulate Matter PM 2.5


These reports contain daily PM2.5 concentrations from Utah monitoring stations. This data has been quality checked and it should be consistent with the data that we reported to EPA. These reports are in PDF format.

*Note: These reports use EPA AIRS codes as station identifiers (AIRS code reference table).

Download Current Data at (https://www.epa.gov/outdoor-air-quality-data/download-daily-data).

Monthly Reports - 24 Hour Filter Data


Yearly Quicklook Summary Reports

Daily Data Reports

Daily PM2.5 24-hour filter data from all Utah PM2.5 monitoring sites.

Yearly Percentile Frequency Distribution Report

Three-Year PM2.5 Annual 98th Percentile Average Value & Violation Level Report

Three-Year PM2.5 Annual Average Value Report

Yearly Top 10 Maximum Value Reports

Hourly Value CSV